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Perhaps you have lots of great ideas for website articles but no idea how to write them.

Maybe you’re a great writer but not sure what content will lead to actual sales.

Or maybe it’s a bit of both…

If you want to use your website to attract more sales, a good content strategy is absolutely vital.

Most of the time, however, a business’ content strategy will rely on a sort of ‘hit and hope’ mentality, rather than a precise scientific process.

I’ll take you through this whole process, by:

– Identifying the topics that will generate real sales

– Writing that content (with suitable SEO keywords)

– Using a clear social media and newsletter strategy to build page traffic

– Monitoring the results using real data and continually optimising each article


Want More Clients Through Your Website?


What To Expect When We Work Together On SEO Articles:

We’ll have a free, no obligations 15-minute chat.

My main focus here is to understand exactly what your objective is for your SEO series. This will often be increasing website traffic through organic Google searches, but you might want to build your authority within your industry or integrate the content with a social media strategy. 

I’ll send across a range of options based on your budget and any timing factors.

(I generally take 50% of my fee upfront, with the rest payable on final sign-off.) 

We’ll talk in detail about the needs and characteristics of your audience. My main aim here is to understand your customers’ needs from as many angles as possible – this generates lots of content ideas for the articles itself.

We’ll also discuss suitable keywords and how it could fit within your broader marketing / social plan.

This is where I work my magic.

I will typically spend several hours researching and planning the articles before even ‘picking up my pen’.

I research, plan, write, edit and proofread each article, crafted around a carefully chosen SEO keyword phrase.

(Each article goes through at least 2 edits, a proofread and an SEO check before I even show it to you.)

We talk through any final questions you have and make any adjustments.

I’ll do as many edits as it takes and only sign off on the project once we’re both 100% happy with it!

I don’t think our relationship should end after I’ve ‘done the work’ – I like to keep the conversation open and see the results, whether it’s website traffic data, dwell time uplift or specific customer feedback!

Indicative Pricing For SEO Articles

Every project is different and so I provide fixed fee pricing on a case-by-case basis.

That said, here are some indicative prices so you can get a feel for what it costs.


£249 per article


£399 per article

5 ARTICLES (2000w)


Why Me?


  • Over 7 Years experience in the industry
  • Level 4 Copywriting Diploma from the College of Media and Publishing
  • Undergraduate and Masters in Law from the University of Cambridge
  • Wide range of digital marketing skills (I’m also a songwriter with several million online plays!)
  • Track record of happy clients
  • Flexible with timings and project scope

Why You?


  • You know the value of a great website with content that solves your clients’ pain points
  • You’re too busy to create this yourself and/or don’t know where to start!
  • You are a creative problem solver
  • You have a deep understanding of your clients’ needs
  • You want to be ahead of the curve
  • You don’t micromanage – you delegate to the right people

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