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Make your website a clear customer journey from arrival to long-term client, increasing sales and crafting your brand voice


Work With Me

“What Can I Expect When We Work Together?”

We’ll have a free, no obligations 15-minute chat.

My main focus here is to understand exactly what your objective is for your website. This will often be increasing website traffic and conversions, but you might be looking to attract a new ‘style’ of customer of building a certain brand within the industry. 

I’ll send across a range of options based on your budget and any timing factors.

(I generally take 50% of my fee upfront, with the rest payable on final sign-off.) 

We’ll talk in detail about the needs and characteristics of your customers. My main aim here is to understand your customers’ needs from as many angles as possible – this generates lots of ideas for the writing itself.

(Some clients have said that this doubles up as a therapy session…) 

This is where I work my magic.

I will typically spend several hours working on the angle of the project before even picking up my pen, and then do at least 5 or 6 edits so that it’s in a great place before you have a read.

We talk through any final questions you have and make any adjustments.

I’ll do as many edits as it takes and only sign off on a project once we’re both 100% happy with it!

I don’t think our relationship should end after I’ve ‘done the work’ – I like to keep the conversation open and see the results, whether it’s website traffic data, dwell time uplift or specific customer feedback!




Every project is different, so I provide fixed fee pricing on a case-by-case basis.

That said, here are some indicative prices so you can get a feel for it





Why Me?

  • Over 7 Years experience in the industry
  • Level 4 Copywriting Diploma from the College of Media and Publishing
  • Undergraduate and Masters in Law from the University of Cambridge
  • A broader understanding of digital marketing (I’m also a self-managed songwriter with over 3.5 million online plays and features in The Independent, Official Spotify playlists, BBC Radio and Songwriting Magazine)
  • Track record of happy clients
  • Flexible with timings and project scope

Why You?


  • You know that great copy drives up your business’ value
  • You are a creative problem solver
  • You have a deep understanding of your clients’ needs
  • You want to be ahead of the curve
  • You don’t micromanage – you delegate to the right people and happy to trust their expertise 

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